Thursday, June 19, 2008

Successful stiching w/moderate bitching

Isn't this cute. As most of you know, Tuesday night is stitch & bitch. We started getting together last fall because one of the girls wanted to knit and we thought it would be fun to get together at a local coffee shop. Everyone lives in a different direction so this worked out great. This is Michelle. She is a produce manager at work, she gave up knitting about 5 years ago when she decided to de-clutter her home. Then we came along and talked her into coming to our soiree and this is what she produced. Just like riding a bike it all came back to her. This is heading for California were her new nephew is living. I bet they're going to love it. As you can see this pattern is a little fancy but, that's how Michelle likes it. Nothing plain Jane about her. The only problem she had was the zipper, you see, it didn't call for one. She had never sewn one in and she bought one that was better suited for a skirt rather than a jacket[2 pieces]. Not a problem, she got herself organized, checked our her instructions and got it done. We just think it's the cutest thing and I am so proud of her. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It seems almost impossible to believe but I have been tagged. Someone out there in another part of the world wants to know a little more about me. So here I go.
I was recently tagged by Sheila , another blogger in the U.K. she would like me to answer the following questions: 1]What were you doing 10 years ago ?
Ten years ago I was working as a dental technician with my husband in his lab. It was an field I have always been involved in but, not my passion as it is with my hubby. Within a short area of my workplace was the farm I currently work at. I am a people person and my husband encouraged me to" go for it " as they say. In my spare time I was an active member on the board of a ballet company in Portsmouth N.H.
2]places you have lived?
I guess the most interesting to people is probable New Orleans. Mu husband was sent there to train their staff in dental technology and we lived there a little over a year. Coming from N.H. it was quite a change. I can't think of anything the 2 states have in common other than being in the same country. We had 3 children at the time and they took in everything they could. It was a great year for all of us. Everyday was an adventure.
3]Five things on your to-do list for today. 1] get this tag done 2]pay my bills 3]work on the Christmas list 4] do some ironing,my favorite,really!!5]go work at the barn 12-6:30 today It's a simple life,not much excitement here.
4]What is your favorite snack?
I assume your not talking about anything good for you? When I hear snack food I immediately envision Cheesy Poufs the one with the Tiger on the bag and the words Family size at the top. My family knows when these are in the house THEY ARE MINE and you need permission to have a few thank you very much.
5]What would you do if you were a billionaire. Probable pass it on. Money is the root of all evil or so I have noticed I never had much more than I needed and I'm one happy person I would not want to mess with that................................said the hobbit


Geek+Nerd said...

Oh mum, you and your cheesy poofs! That is so true!

S'mee said...

I love that you love your friends' accomplishments like they were your kid's. You are such a great friend!

I totally get you on the money thing. enough to have a good life, not take over the planet.

I am so inspired that you are making a Christmas list now. I used to do that. You make me want to do it again. Thanks : >