Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's 90 degrees I think I need a break

Well,it's hard to believe but, 2 days ago hubby was sitting on the couch wrapped in a woolen blanket watching his beloved Red Soxs'.Today the temperature is closer to the 90+ mark and he is still sitting on the couch but shall I say in much lighter attire. I myself prefer the cellar where it's about 30 degrees cooler. Of course my computer is on the 2nd floor of our home and no we do not have air-conditioning. It hardly seems worth it with such fluctuating temp.

Oh, have you figured out what that picture is all about ? No it's not an elephant about to suck up that plant. These are our greenhouse tomatoes. They are not exposed to the elements so therefore we must play bee by gently blowing them with air in order to pollinate the flowers so that they become tomatoes. It amuses us to.

Seeing as how it's too warm to do anything I went on a computer vacation today. I sometimes read Cowboys and custard. She recently went to Midhurst in West Sussex. Through her blog, dated Sunday June 1, I was introduced to the Walled Garden At the Cowdray Castle Ruins. I don't know that I'll ever visit but her genuine love of the area has made me place it on my"could happen" list. Part of the tour included a visit to an art studio. You must take a look. Just follow the prompts to small works .I would love to see some of these sculptures in our gardens.Maybe I should work on that. Well it's getting pretty warm up here so I think I need to go down to the cellar and cool off ...........................said the hobbit

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S'mee said...

ahhh. To garden. You have my sincerest jealousies. Alas I live in the barren wasteland of the Mojave Desert and unless one invests one's off-springs' college funds into the ground yearly and sacrifice all they have or hope to gain to the H2Oh-my holy-heck-gods, the earth yields nothing.

clay plus enormous heat and freeze equals zip.

So I will live through your efforts dear Hobbit, sow and glean well! And thanks for the links, wowzers!