Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back in the old days

Wow!!End of March???Where does the time go.

Everyday I planned on stopping by to talk to my friends but,there was always some oh so pressing thing that had to be done. The pantry project is going well. I have 2 grocery list going I write down supplies that I'm out of or think I'm going to need.However I only purchase what I will actually use in the next 2 days. Here in the United States we tend to over purchase.We have biggied up and it's not easy to break the habit. A lb of lunch meat is definitely more than one needs to make 2 sandwiches,so, I've been putting it in the mac and cheese with other things and trying to buy less next time I shop. Also grade 2 veggies are being roasted with evoo,balsamic vinegar,garlic and a little s&p. This has become a favorite because it's always ready. Whatever I can get on sale is roasted and keep in the fridge to round out a meal or just pick at.Stuffed in a pita with salad dressing and greens is also good.

Then we have pesto!!How we love this stuff. Over cream cheese it makes an excellent cracker spread. Saute garlic mushrooms and onions and toss over pasta and you have a nice dinner. Have shrimp chicken or leftover sandwich meat and that works too. My shopping for 2 days usually can last 3,4,or even 5 days.
My only problem right now seems to be that I'm always prepping cooking or cleaning up. How our parents and grandparents pull this off,I'm not quite sure. Of course the fact that this is also my line of work really makes it feel like I'm always in the kitchen. There has to be a balance here,I've sworn off take-out for a year and I'm sticking to it..Must be off to work now but,I'll be back to show some of my knitting that has helped me keep my sanity.................said the hobbit

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Connie said...

The rich color of pesto says it must be good for you. LOL