Friday, March 27, 2009

play time for me

Have absolutely no time lately,I guess that's what happens when you get obsessed with tightening

your belt However, I do take a break every now and then and this is when I pick up my needles and knit a row or two while I sip on my coffee.These are hand towels, the kind that won't fall on the floor after someone wipes their hands and walks away. I think they would look great just about anywhere. I found the instructions at Canadian Living
They have new patterns available all the time.Usually it ranges from beginner to intermediate. They knit up rather quickly, I have two sets completed and I'm trying to keep from starting a third. Of course I like to think the finishing touch is my choice of a perfect button. I have a 3rd generation button box. I have no idea where or when this button joined the team ,but,I think it's a perfect match for these towels. It's not a huge prezzie but, it will be one from the heart and hands and that's what we are trying to do this year.How about you?Are you making any Christmas presents?Maybe some of these will make a special birthday present for someone.I'm kinda getting the hang of this one handcrafted present a month. Just make it and tuck it away for the end of the year. I'll just go to my secret stash in December and do my shopping there. He he no malls for me. Of course I must confess it's been many years since I actually went to the mall.I went to do my Christmas shopping about 20 years ago. I had my $500 in hand and was ready to purchase well thought out gifts that I had agonized over. My list was complete and exact.I came out of the mall about 4 hours later with all my money spent and none of my gifts being exactly as I had imagined. I heard ever excuse that day from salespeople. With a big smile they informed me that what I wanted was no longer available or the color was currently out of stock or they had never heard of a certain product. It was then that I decided that Mr. Big Business was not getting any of mine. For several years I rounded up the children,sometimes with friends and took them events or places like the Boston Museum of Science for the day and that was how we celebrated the holidays.Just being together was enough for me to make it a special day. Of course I can't

come up with the perfect present for everyone but,now that I have my friends at stitch and bitch,maybe we can come up with a present swap that would give me a more mixed bag of prezzies. Maybe one of you would be willing to exchange presents? I am currently knitting these socks.The original pattern has them about 5 inches above the ankle. I like a longer look. They ask for a 1 inch cuff,I prefer 2.The Celtic knot pattern is repeated 4 times in the pattern and I did it 6 times giving me a knee sock rather than mid calf. The material is 100% merino wool.It's machine washable and although they say drying on low is OK,I would let them air dry. So what do you say anyone out there want to trade prezzies?I could also use some ideas for the men in our family. What do you think is a well received manly gift? It's always a tough call and now that I'm starting so early maybe,I can come up with something that will be just right.

Well it's getting to be that time.The garden can't wait any longer. Although we still have minor amounts of snow and the ground is not completely thawed there is much work to do. I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible I have so much more to tell. I received an award from Connie ,a new friend I have found since joining blog land.
I hope to tell you all about it before it becomes old news................said the hobbit


Connie said...

I love your new hand towels. I have never seen a complete one - only just the top knitted and attached to a gathered towel so you had the 'hanger part'. Your colors are so cheery.

I admire you for preparing a Christmas gift each month - your work is so beautiful you will make your family very happy.

May you garden grow well this year, and may you be able to enjoy the process.

Jnette said...

I love your work! Both the towels and sock are lovely! It looks like the perfect button. I have a button tin, it wasn't handed down to me, but it is still cherished none-the-less. My girls have played with those buttons just as I did my mothers button tin when I was a child :)
I like your idea of making something every month, what a terrific idea. I am working on an afgan, and hope to start on Christmas there after. :)
I too have been thinking about the garden, raked it off last week when it was in the 50's. I hope to dig more sod up to make it bigger when it's nice again. We've had rain for 3 days now, and really need it.