Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keeping busy,and you?

Well things are moving along rather swiftly.I can't seem to keep track of the time.My little soup business is coming to a close for the season.Hard to believe that winter is done.I have informed all my customers that April will be the last month for soups. I have truly enjoyed this little venture and am hoping to continue in the fall. Planting season is almost here and I hope to grow as many of the vegetables as I can for the upcoming year. It was quite the learning experience. A new recipe I picked up was roasted carrot and shallot soup. It sounds so plain but,it turned out to be a favorite for many of my clients. It's very simple.I roasted carrots ,shallots and potatoes then pureed them with my veggie broth. The veggies become caramelized and add a very unique flavor.I have to say I was somewhat impressed myself.

In my knitting adventures.I'm finally back on track with my sons sweater.This is the front panel and now that I have the wool from my brothers sheep I'm hoping to complete it and add it to my Christmas stash. This picture doesn't do it justice.It looks grey but,it's really a very lovely shade of brown with some grey in it.They don't dye there wool so you can see where I changed skeins.That will just add to the family history with this present. Well the garden is beckoning to be worked on so I must be off.I think the temperature is in the 50's. I must be dreaming or maybe just wishful thinking...........said the hobbit

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Domestic Designer said...

Your son's sweater looks great! I am currently working on a felted purse...almost done! I am glad I discovered your blog.:-)