Sunday, April 5, 2009

Needles keep on knocking

Tuesday night stitching club has been pretty productive lately. After showing the girls my hand towels,some of them decided to give that a try. They whip up so quickly that this one was just about completed by my friend Betty.She was lucky enough to find what she need in her stash so this was a very cost saving project for her. We haven't had Michelle come by for about 3 weeks.Little did we know that she was knitting up a storm at home.She had several pairs of socks completed.I thought I took pictures but,when I got home they weren't on my camera. So much was going on the evening I guess I just couldn't keep things straight.I did however take a picture of the baby blanket that she completed
Isn't this the sweetest things.The blanket is sprinkled with tiny sheep. It's hard to see it clearly because the color,I think she said butter cream, is very pale and my camera is not a professional one.However it serves my purpose.Those little bumps you see are the sheep's ears. I think I just may have to try this pattern. Michelle has really been busy with those needles lately.I think she's might be getting ready to open her Etsy shop. I'll keep you posted,but,just remember you heard it here first.

Now talk about an ambitious project!!Cindy's daughter has asked for a winter hat. [I'm hoping she's talking next winter] This is the pattern she has chosen. It came in a kit so the colors were already chosen for her but check out all the changes she has to make. That's right,those are llamas on the ear flaps. I hope this girl realizes what a loving mom she has. Two weeks ago she was working on the ear flaps and now she's almost done with the hat. Many kudos to Cindy,this is a project I would not even have attempted.
However ,I have to say that Marie,smiling here,had the biggest news of all to share with us.

Unhuh she is going to have a BABY, st and we are all so excited.This will be her first and although knitting is not her thing she dutifully comes to stitch and bitch and encourages us in all our endeavors. Of course we all have agreed we will be fairy godmothers and start knitting up a storm. Her mom&dad have no grandsons so her family is rooting for a boy. At this time she chooses not to find out.I'm kind of old fashion so I think this is the right thing to do. How about you?Would you like to be kept in the dark ?There is nothing I like better than to be surprised.Hmm maybe she'll have twins! SURPRISE........said the hobbit.


Domestic Designer said...

Oh it sounds like you all have so much fun. It also sounds like you have a group of great knitters. I love the baby blanket. I haven't seen a pattern like that before. I haven't been knitting a lot lately. We have been working in the yard and redoing bathrooms. I have got to get back to the knitting for stress relief!:-) Congrats to your friend..I praise her for not wanting to know. I did the same thing and it made the process a lot more exciting! Have a great day and happy knitting!

Jnette said...

Your stitching night seems like so much fun! I am thinking of starting a Mom's club sort of thing after reflecting on many of your posts and recent telling of Mary Jane. What do you think of the name Apron Army?... I'm still thinking it over... but I think it would be good to start by meeting monthly or biweekly for what ever is in season... maybe starting with gardening...

Connie said...

What fun - certainly a lot of beautiful work going on.

I like being kept in the dark too!

Jnette said...

Stopping by to say Happy Easter :)