Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thrifting in my area

I love going to thrift shops and imagining the stories behind the things I hold in my hands.Damask napkins are a particular favorite.I found this set of 6 napkins for $3 .What a bargain!I can see it gently folded alongside a beautiful china table setting.Someone carefully raises it to their lips to wipe a stray drop of gravy from a bite that was just a little too big.

Of course these napkins had not even the slightest hint of a stain so,their previous owner was quite the housekeeper.Perhaps she was a genteel woman who had domestic help.
I'm also very fond of strainers .Especially when they have this red and white plastic handle.It too has been well maintained.The mesh is very fine and has no sign of wear.Maybe they ate at moms alot.This too was in the $3 lot.Very few things actually have a price.When you get to the register the clerk says "so,what do you think $3?"and I nod my head in the affirmative. Maybe she thinks that's my price range.

The clothes however is a different story.They all have price tags on them.I have decided to make an effort to dress in a less "down on the farm" manner.No offense to anyone who farms,I'm one of you. It seems that without realizing it I have made less and less of an effort to present myself as a lady. I haven't been able to go right to the dresses from the jeans but,I'm trying to ease into that range of clothing. Maybe it's just a whim?I found these 2 pant outfits that I thought would be a bit on the feminine side for my trip to one on the left was 2 separate pieces that I thought would go well together.The pants were $1.99 and the shirt which is 100%silk was 99 cents.The outfit in the wicker chair came as a suit,the top is a little short-sleeve jacket. Marked price $3.99.Not bad,I think I looked pretty spiffy in N.Y.My husband was quite pleased and that was what really mattered................said the hobbit


Jnette said...

Beautiful finds! S-C-O-R-E!

Love that cute strainer! That darling thing would have caught my eye right away.

Connie said...

Your outfits are adorable - such pleasing colors and beautiful fabric as well! You did really good - I'm impressed.

Domestic Designer said...

I think you did very well! I must not be going to the right thrift stores! LOL Hope you have a great day!

S'mee said...

so jealous!