Monday, March 2, 2009

February prezzie

Well as you know,this year I and many others are

making an effort to create 1 Christmas present per month. This is what I made for February. It's a shawl similar to the one I made for Sarah last Christmas. This one is in hues of purple to lavender. It was one of the first attempts by Liz over at Riverslea to make a hand dyed fingering yarn. I absolutely love the way it handles.

An added bonus to this present comes from my friend Cynthia. She is a wood-turner.Before I even met her,she had made this great looking holder for the shawl. She joined our stitch&bitch on Tuesday nights and when she showed us what she did in her spare time,I was sure this would be a perfect match.

Well as you see, I need to find the shovel and clean off the porch .

It seems winter is still alive and well in N.H..................................said the hobbit


Connie said...

Oh, that is beautiful. I love both - what a clever idea from your wood-turner.

Jnette said...

Wow you got alot of snow!

The shawl is gorgeous!! What a great idea to start making Christmas presents.

gustoso said...

Very clever.