Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here in New England

I know ...........It's been a bit crazy here in New England. The past month gave us the strangest weather. We had hurricanes and snow storms that have kept us hopping. First you struggle with flooding than just when you think things have settled and you expect to enjoy the fall foliage along comes a snow storm that cuts power and disrupts life all over again.
This is my friends back yard. That is an ash tree growing at that crazy angle for the past 200 years. It measured 92 feet high. Pretty impressive.

During the snow storm a loud crack was heard ...........and down came the tree.
It filled the yard with its massive size. That's the barn where it took a large chunk out of the roof. The barn and home were built in the 1700. It is what we call a post and beam. Even with that kind of damage it still stands strong.

I'm amazed at the unbelievable construction that was done in that time period. Well all that is cleaned away now but, something about that barn and the tree falling on it reminded me of just how strong our family is becoming.I rarely speak of things that are happening out in the big world but like many othercommunities this has been a growing year for all of us. Time to prioritize what is important and keep our focus where it belongs. This week is Thanksgiving and those that can will gather round our small table and give thanks that we are healthy and able to take care of each other. I hope your Thanksgiving is warm and cozy and overflowing with good food and lots of love.......................said the hobbit

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