Monday, November 28, 2011

Tuesday night S&B

Are you knitting your little heart out yet?I've been pretty busy here.Trying to keep up with the holidays is a full time job.

This is not the time to start new projects,however, this sweater has been calling me for awhile now and once the next 4 weeks are behind us I might put it on my "just for me"list. For now decorating for Christmas is my priority. Christmas parties seem to be in full steam ahead mood. I have several days with 2 parties that I really should be going to. Every day is filled with the magic of the season.

Another reason to be excited is the Grand Opening of a friends new shop.That's right with all that's going on she has opened a handmade gift store. Her personal specialty is little felted people and holiday decor.

This was one of her Halloween pumpkins. Absolutely darling!!!Check her out I'm sure she has something for everyone.

And.............she asked ME to bring some of my knitting to the shop. How awesome is that!!!So,my little Christmas ornament sweaters and.......
my fingerless gloves are now in a shop. Isn't that just the greatest?? Beaming like a new mother over here...............said the hobbit.


Shaheen said...

Oh how wonderful. I had a peek at the link and wow, awesome handmade gifts - I love how you have been invited to contribute too. So good luck, those fingerless mitts look gorgeous. PS Maybe I will get to hang up my little Noel Jumper on the Christmas tree this year, last year the tree sadly did not come out. Unsure if it will this year as its not been a good year, still you never know.

The Hobbit said...

Thank you Shaheen. I do remember that you lost your father-in-law last year and Christmas had to be set aside. Sending my wishes and prayers that a good year is in the making for you and yours.