Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday night S&B

Still addicted to socks...........our group just can't seem to stop making them. This whimsical pair was made by Cynthia S.

A closer look at the butterfly gives you an idea of just how talented this girl is.
Of course we are working hard at getting that second knit-along carriage blanket done. Follow through is always a problem with my projects. I'm committed to getting a second one done and I'll be writing myself a note every week with a reminder to keep at it. Is this just me?? Does anyone else out there have trouble with finishing what they started??

Cynthia H. finished her second pair of socks and is now on to mittens and hats for her winter donation. Tonight we are off to Betty's for our get together. She has a new kitchen and we are going to give it the official S&B blessing...............should be a great time.


The Renee Chronicles said...

knitty goodness! I need to learn how to make socks.

The Hobbit said...

Anytime .........of course once you start stopping is no easy thing.