Friday, May 25, 2012

True confessions from Bitty

Let me start by saying,I am an indoor cat.Hobbit gave me a little mouse when I came to live with her and I carried it around for about 2 years. I just wasn't sure what to do with it.
    One day I was upstairs in the bathroom,just minding my own business and this plant just up and fell over leaving all this dirt on the carpet. I knew just what to do.
     I ran to get pinky-mouse and worked and worked to get him covered with that dirt.
     I scrapped and dug and flipped but, no matter how hard I tried......................
I JUST COULDN'T  BURY  THAT MOUSE. I was proud of my attempt however Hobbit seemed down right Well,being the lady that I am I just won't say it out loud. I did like that dirt though.........I wonder if there's some in those other pots???? Need a nap now.......very busy day


Connie said...

LOL! That was not what I expected this morning! By now both of you are tired and you will need a nap as well.

The Hobbit said...

Nothing like a kitty to make life interesting. Glad you enjoyed her tragic story.