Thursday, May 3, 2012


April's over before I can even say Happy Easter. Well it was a great day. We spent the day at our son's house,where we had a great brunch. Gorgeous daffodils decorated the table and little bunnies filled with treats were randomly hopping around the table.

Lots of nuzzling with baby Cottrell who was decked out in her Easter bonnet  as she met her Auntie Renee
Aaron discovered the joy of the Easter Egg hunt of course Oskar,looking as big as a horse in this picture was only too happy to help him find his treasures. of my favorite things to do was nibble on these sweet toes!!

LIFE IS GOOD.................................SAID THE HOBBIT


Connie said...

Sweet children - so precious and cute! Ah, family times are the best. So glad you had this time together and took the time to get some photos.

The Hobbit said...

Getting together is not always easy but, well worth the effort.