Monday, April 30, 2012

Tuesday night stitching

Will they ever stop??I hope not.Every week my friends keep bringing in finished projects that just amaze me.Cindy H. makes knitted hats and mittens with donated yarn. These will be sent to needy families in the area.Of course now she also has to make socks for her family........she's in for it now.

New to our group is Jean............she has been working on this sweater for a few months.I think it would be a few years if  it was my project.I can't tell you how gorgeous this is up close and real The colors are so deep  and vibrant. A photo just doesn't do it justice.She is close to being finished so I will try to get her to do a little modeling for us.

This is more my speed...........we have finished a  second blanket for the St Charles children's home.We had planned on doing 2 but, each has been sent home with a child as they leave St Charles.We can't let someone go home without a blankie now can we?For those of you not familiar with our project we started HERE If anyone would like to make a square please do not hesitate to contact me.
Another project that has caught my fancy is the slouchy hat from Brooklyn Tweed........wanting to challenge myself this year I decided to check out there SPRING THAW collection.I wanted something lacy and feminine and I settled on this hat called Ravenfoot

I wasn't sure if the hat was going to have enough slouch so I had Sarah try it on for size. That would be the last time I saw the hat so I guess it met with her approval...........Don't tell....... but. I've made several since then and they are tucked away in my craft stash where only I can find them.......said the hobbit.


Connie said...

So much talent here and such beautiful work. The sweater set is so sweet. Someone will be very happy. The next sweater is amazing - that looks like a very difficult pattern. All the blankets are a blessing - the recipients will be so happy and proud. Ah, good thing you hide a hat or two - about the only way you would ever manage to keep one!

The Hobbit said...

Connie are so kind we do love what we are doing. Hats are in hiding till October.We'll see if they are in a good hiding spot. Reminds me of Christmas' past.