Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas eve with the family

Another year of Christmas celebration has come to an end. So much to do , my mind is already planning the celebrations for 2013. I can't help myself !!Everyday I am more convinced than ever that there is nothing more important than "the family"and there is no greater joy then planning holiday get togethers.

 This year I decorated my tree with the help of my grandson Zachary.He is between employment and when he asked to spend a few days with me before the holidays, how could I resist. He did a wonderful job and although there would be no get togethers at my home this year,he too felt that it was important to put the tree up.
 Favorite ornaments were hung..........this is a little lamb that I got in a blogger crafter exchange.Zach was interested in all the details of every ornament that he hung and every few minutes he was heard to say. "I think this is my favorite"
 My good friend Betty scoured the streets of London for me one year because I was determined to have these Christmas birds in my tree. There are 3 of them and their feathers are as soft as the real thing.They were also listed as favorites by my helper.It took us quite a while to hang everything but, the time spent telling the story of every ornament give me a wonderful day with Zach. He wasn't able to join us for Christmas itself as he was in another state with no transportation. but, I will cherish my time spent with him as it made the preparation even more special
This year Christmas Eve was held at my grand daughter Cayla's home. This would be a first for her. She has been married over a year now and was anxious to have a family gathering herself. Despite moments of stress her tree was decorated and ready to greet her guest. Of course news of an up coming baby may have been what was truly on her mind. We were only too happy to toast this best of best present for our family.

Cotrell came as a poinsettia and she didn't seem stressed at all!!

Her brother Aaron couldn't wait to show us his imitation of Popeye.Want to have a stessfree party?Just invite the grandkids.........they take over the entertainment ever time. Next time we'll talk food....said the hobbit


Connie said...

So glad you had moments with your family in your home - that always makes it special whether it is Christmas Day or another day. The birds are beautiful - what a special ornament that would certainly rate high on the list!

The Hobbit said...

New years resolution! real time,real letters with family and friends. The birds are very special. I get a little exicited everytime they come out of the box.

Mrs V said...

I was a little bit stressed, but it all worked out in the end. Now Fruitcake will join us for next years Christmas Eve!

The Hobbit said...

Fruitcake does make the holidays special.....he he