Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The girls of S&B are ready to roll

After a crazy busy December we are back on schedule and ready to start new projects for next Christmas.We usually meet on Tuesday evening and as you know Christmas and New Year were on Tuesday so for some of us it's been a month since we have seen each other.There was lots to catch up on and not much planning done......but,then,there is always nextweek.

After New years I got to work on these socks............just for me. The sock queen,first on the right side of the group photo, gave me this amazing yarn and I thought it was about time to put it to good use.
There is no actual pattern used. I started at the cuff,which I made 2 1/2 inches in a tight rib. A 5 inch leg then a short row heel. This means NO heel flap. So much easier than picking up stitches on the flap. I actually enjoy doing both but, it's a great tool for a beginner to get through their first pair of socks.The bottom of the foot was done in a Purl 1 Knit 4 pattern just to give it a little texture. I had such a great time doing them that I made an extra pair for the sock Queen. It's like cooking. It seems to taste better when someone else cooks for you. Know what I mean?

These 2 tried to stay out of the group picture.Ms g on the left is a first year knitter.Ms. Button on the right has many talents that I hope to share in the coming year.Surprise !!!! I found you.........said the hobbit


Connie said...

What fun to catch up with all the news - sure helps to break the cabin fever if you felt any.

Love those socks - such happy colors!

The Hobbit said...

We are sooo lucky to have each other. Whenever one of us has a problem we share it at our get together it the load seems lighter.

Pam Harris said...

Ok now i am really feeling serious pangs of envy!! OMg those socks are gorgeous! GORGEOUS!

The Hobbit said...

Thank you Pam......they eel fabulous too!