Monday, January 7, 2013

What's for dessert Santa?

Santa had lots of treats to pick from this year. I can't believe how creative they get.
Check out these reindeer cupcakes.Just a little imagination turned an ordinary cupcake into Santa's best buds.I know Rudolf had a runny nose,but, it is flu season ya know?

Ginger crusted raspberry torte was another choice for Santa

And if that wasn't enough cookies,chocolates and a big glass of milk should be enough to put him over the top. It's no wonder all anyone can think about after Christmas is going on a diet. Have you sworn off sugar for the rest  of your life? I hope not because next I'll tell you what my pick was for a go to Christmas
 cookie...................said the hobbit


Connie said...

Well eagerly await your favorite! Some very clever cooks I think.

No sugar overloads at this home: all of my guests had a terrible stomach flu within four hours of arriving. They stayed a day longer than planned for a little recovery time. I was a very unprepared host, greatly lacking in all the clear liquids I needed, Pedialyte and etc. and all the stores were closed. :(

The Hobbit said...

Oh Connie that is the worst! No stomach flu here but everyone seems to have a nasty cold that is being called a flu.In our town pharmacies were open even on Christmas.It just doesn't seem right....tea and lemon and honey with melted butter are the medicine of choice around here. Seems to be working and of course chicken soup.Of course we checked in with our physician and he said call if that doesn't work. ;)

Connie said...

The butter really intrigues me. Is this all mixed into the tea, or is it mixed into the honey and kept at the consistency of honey?

The Hobbit said...

That would be 2 seperate "perscriptions" Tea mixed with honey and for a sore throat local honey with a bit of melted butter. My memere would melt the butter and stir in honey. It was of course local and raw.Not sure if they really knew what they were doing but,she was born in 1880 and died in 1963 never having needed the service of medicare or a hospital........go figure.