Sunday, April 7, 2013


 Today I am taking a journey into the past ..............Climbing up these stairs will take me to a room where my children put all the things they didn't have the heart to throw away.

With four grown children ...........there are many "I can't throw this away" items.

 All have been warned that I'm making this journey.

So.......with garbage bag in hand, the journey begins. Wish me luck !


Connie said...

What beautiful stairs! Stair like that leading to an attic - magical. Enjoy every moment - take your time and savor the past. Throw, throw, throw ... but take time to be nostalgic. Memory boxes to give as Christmas gifts would be much easier to put together than photo albums or scrapbooks ... even the grandchildren might like a box of their mother's or father's life and 'stuff'.

The Hobbit said...

What a great idea ! I think a memory would be perfect for some of these treasures. Thank you Connie.My home was built in 1930 and stands strong and erect.It was to be the builders home so....much love was put into the construction.