Sunday, April 14, 2013


Coming down from the cellar stairs for a breath of air. Still hoping to make some kind of progress up there. Still looks the same to me.My brother is playing with his bagpiper friends today so,he will be stopping by to tell me about the 11 new lambs that were born on his farm.......looks like I won't be able to work on it all day as sad.

 This project could be a long one. April 20th is "shredding day" at my credit union. That means you bring all sorts of paper "stuff" in boxes and you can watch them shred the contents to smithereens.....very  satisfying!!

Of course not as much fun as walking along one of our beaches. Another week should make this a real possibility..............said the hobbit


Connie said...

Trust you enjoyed your Sunday and learning about the new lambs. That is a must!

Spring has become illusive with 5+ inches of snow in the mountains and the pass closed for 5 hours.

I trust you will 'beach walk' again before winter!

The Hobbit said...

In shock as I watch explosions happening in Boston at our beloved Marathon. So sad what is happening.

Connie said...

I did not hear about it until after 3:30 when hubby got home. Am very sad when I think of all the changes in America. I sure hurt for all those injured - what a terrible and scary experience.