Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting back in the saddle.

Ok ..........I know I've been MIA and I hope to get back to normal. I have no serious excuse for my behavior. It just seems that I've been too busy to get back in the groove of blogging . First my computer was misbehaving, then it was time to garden and just as I got started we had a few nights of freezing temp. unlike the 90+ that we are experiencing now..My Google Reader is no more so I have switched toa new reader Unfortunately I keep calling it freely because it has no fee and it takes me about 30 minutes to find the blogs that I am currrently following.It's not them it's my extreme dislike of change.

Well things seem to be sailing a bit more smoothly now so hopefully the new schedule that I have made for myself will feel a bit more natural.Still adjusting to having three cats,a part time tenant and a great grand baby coming soon. OK now that I have used every excuse in the book I promise to make an effort to get back in the groove and stop my daydreamimg. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 
Bad habits are hard to break..........said the hobbit


s'mee said...

Welcome back! You *have* been missed! Such beautiful photos! (I miss Bittyful too)
I have to laugh because I call feedly "freely" also! Mainly because my mouth doesn't catch on! It's definitely a change from Google, but I'm starting to prefer it to the old way, hope you do too.(Now I just have to get up to speed on Instagram videos)

Great grand baby!!! Unbelievable! So great! Please say "hello" to S. and also give Hobbs a squish from Smee!

The Hobbit said...

SOOOOOOO great to hear from you. You have been missed also. Hobbs is at my feet as we speak. You were the first comment I ever received and I'm just as excited to hear from you now as I was then.