Monday, March 10, 2014

Different but, still the same

Meet Sue,originally from the Province of Quebec and Gisele who came to us from France.
Sue is 90 years young and she and her good friend Gisele come to knitting just about every Tuesday. With a little prodding they sometimes tell us tales of their youth.We just love them. Recently Sue's family decided she needed to be moved to assisted living as there are some area in her life that need watching over. Of course, we only see her once a week and felt.......can this be? Maybe they're rushing such a move. But, of course it was their decision and certainly a good one. Our fear was that we would no longer see her on Tuesday evening.Silly us!!!
Sue still comes every Tuesday and still brings her bright smile with her.She is currently making squares to add to a lap blanket for senior citizens.....we are all so happy that .....really things are still the same.
Speaking of still the same.....Cindy S. was knitting a sweater on a Tuesday and the following week ,,,,,,sure enough, she was wearing it.Nothing different here.LOL
Beautiful design and looks marvelous on her........don"t you think?.......asked the Hobbit


Odyssey of the Mind 2011 said...

I really enjoy this blog, Denise!

The Hobbit said...

many thanks for the comment Come back anytime: )