Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finally......back to the Farmer's Market

Do you have a Farmers Market?Here in New Hampshire we are lucky enough to have one going on 52 weeks a year. Hard to believe that just a few short years ago , the thought of going to the market meant your local grocery store.Our area has managed to make supporting our local farmers and crafter something that can happen every weekend

Look at this place just filled to the gills with stuff I really need

Not only that,but, they are there to help you with gardening questions , information on composting, local yarn,freshly made cheeses, desserts, breads and even handmade chocolates.In the summer everyone has their own local Farmers Market ,however, come winter it's like a traveling show.You get to met Farmers and crafters from surrounding communities that you didn't even know were out there. 
This week I purchased freshly roasted coffee from a roaster in Newmarket.........they will even ship your coffee to you if you want. This time I was happy to run into them at the Market and picked up my purchase there. They even knew my name.............how cool is that.

Potatoes, baby spinach...........just picked and homemade apple cider doughnuts for the ride home I know, I just had to taste while setting up my purchases for a photo shoot. They are yummy! Good thing Riverside is not next door.Their Farm is in Berwick Maine. Sounds far but, only 15 miles from my house.

I made Lamb stew for my "soup People" Isn't it amazing that I could get it raised and even ground just the way I needed. Riverslea farm is in Epping NH and also about 15 miles from my home.
Needing soap this week but, unable to get to my usual supplier, I could rest assure that Jesta Farms would give me a product that would satisfy my needs.All these farms are within an easy drive from my home BUT, all are in different directions. I was able to do one stop shopping and meet and great friends at the same time.
Pretty neat ..............said the hobbit


penelope10 said...

Hi! I was thrilled to see the old Tuttles opening up! Not the same company but similar in goods!
Going to go there this week!

penelope10 said...

I was happy to see a new company in the Tuttles barn!!
Checking this out this week!