Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How are those New Years resolutions coming?

Did you make any plans for 2015? Every year on New Years Eve my husband and I muse over what we should tackle for the coming year. This is the second year that cleaning the cellar is on my list. 
But, I'm hearing the call of my seed and plant magazines luring me away from my chosen track.
Also on the list is to knit 3 pairs of socks in January.............
But, who can resist those adorable cardinals that have come to visit my yard. Mamma hides in the bushes
While Daddy gathers the fallen seeds from the bird feeder. Such a good Papa.
Ok, I'm a little distracted but, I still have my eye on the prize.
I did manage to finish 1 pair of socks now it's off to the cellar with me.
Did I mention that I have 4 levels in my house? 
 Well..........let's not get ahead of ourselves How about you? ..................said the Hobbit

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