Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Waste not Want not

Organization seems to be the thing on everyone's mind in the new year and I am no exception. Last year I decided to go through everything in my cellar and do a complete house cleaning.............NOT EVEN CLOSE !!!However I did get all my recipe and craft books organized and these are the ones that I have projects to do . BAHAHAHA 

So I'm sticking with an easy task. This was also done last January and, it prove to be a worthy of being repeated.Step one : find all cards that have a scene that is pleasing to the eye.

  Using a plastic template that I  made from the top of a clear plastic lid I scan  my Christmas cards looking for just the right scene. Circle the scene with a pencil then cut out. Such fun.........low stress, and, feeling good about giving the cards a second life.
Now when I share my canning creations I can also have a pretty little scene on the top
Always a good thing when a project has reached the finish line ....................said the hobbit.

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Domestic Designer said...

What a great idea! I may do that to add a special touch to my canned goods. Hope you are having a great New Year! I have started cleaning out closets...ug! A tough job but believe me it is definitely time.