Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Road trip with the girls

Well, we finally did it!My 2 daughters and I have tried to plan an all girl get-together for a while now and two weeks ago we finally pulled it off.
Boston is only an hour and half away but, the traffic can be intimidating ,not to mention the ridiculous parking fees. Our plan was to avoid all that by driving to Sarah's ,parking at her apartment and taking public transportation in. Here she is planning our strategy to ride the bus to the famous Sully Square Station.

While she was concentrating on that,sister Renee discovered her stash of fabric and was intent on taking a few samples to go. I wonder if she managed to tuck a square or two away?

After catching the bus, we rode the Orange line into town. Renee was in entertainment mode and immediately started hamming it up for the camera,which set the mood for lots of laughs and giggles. A most difficult decision was "Where do we go?What do we see?"Boston has so much to offer and we have so many varied interest that this was a major decision.
It was decided we should go to a yarn shop on Newbury street,which is the Rodeo drive of Boston. The shop is small,but,filled with hand dyed yarns of high quality.

Mmm looks like Sarah knew what she wanted. A chunky hand dyed yarn requiring #15 knitting needles. But, that was only the beginning of the day. I'll be back to tell you the rest of the story.............................said the hobbit


Anonymous said...

I am so glad the three of you were able to have a girls day on the town. And a visit to a yarn shop is a perfect beginning.

I enjoyed Sarah's version of the day - can't wait to hear more of yours!

GloamingDesigns said...

so fun - can't wait to read the rest!

Connie said...

I love shopping and doing things with my daughter. So glad you finally got your trip!

Margaret said...

What a fabulous trip. Sounds like the three of you had lots of fun. Now hobbit...tell the truth...how much yarn did you buy?