Thursday, October 7, 2010

Storing herbs

This is way too simple. This year I started growing herbs again. Why would anyone stop,you say? Well a few years back I was ill and couldn't work in my garden or yard. I'm all better now but, so many of the things I had planted are buried in a jungle of weeds.

So this week I harvested my rosemary and my oregano. Should I dry it?Freeze,maybe? I think this is even better. I recently discovered Amy Cotler Although she is just 1 state over from me, a 4 hour drive separates us,so any plans to have a face to face will have to wait till spring She was brought to my attention by Sarah my youngest who is always recommending a new locavore guru for me to check out.. ok back to so simple.

How simple is this! Clean and dry your herbs.
Cover with kosher salt.

Place in a sealed container and mark for future use. Don't forget to mark it. This is a mistake I do repeatedly and I am trying to break the habit. Lesson learnt when I tried to blend diced chicken in my Mango rum slushies. Yes I was able to save the slushy,but it was a little embarrassing. A real plus to doing this is the salt takes on the flavor of the herb. This will be great for my little soup business. I can add flavor without having to fish out a bunch of herbs. The salt might even make a nice gift for a friend around the holidays, or maybe a stocking stuffer? cute little jar of flavored salt. I'm all over it..........................said the hobbit


The Renee Chronicles said...

that is easy - can you do this for all herbs? i'll be giving this a try over the weekend.

Geek+Nerd said...

chicken mango rum slushies, eh? nice one mommy. jokes aside, this is a really interesting preservation method. pretty cool!

simplesavvy said...

Yup, I am officially in love with your blog. I'll be trying this one immediately.

Margaret said...

Great idea,I have lots of herds that I can dry, thanks for sharing. This is a great idea.