Monday, October 4, 2010

Streching the dollars

I'm always looking for ways to save. I can usually come up with so many that I often have to put most of them on hold till another day.Sometimes another year!! After all we all know that time is money and when trying to go down a new path we often don't have the time or the money to follow through. Well on my quest for a different path I now have the time to do things that will save me the money to do the things I want. Are you still with me?? I am getting dizzy just trying to follow my train of thought.
This sock darning egg is something I begged my friend Cynthiaaaa to make for me. When she gave it to me I was thrilled and couldn't wait to try it.I spent about 2 months picking it up and stroking the wood grain. It was great to have on hand when I was stressing or thinking up new paths to go down. With more time on my hands lately I am determined to at least try some of the quirky ideas that I come up with.

Some of the first socks I made were these heavy boot socks. They were great for outdoor playing and skiing ,but ,those things are in the past for me and the socks have taken on the duty of adult booties. That's right ! Winter time I have a pair of these on at all times, unless of course I'm leaving the house.Then I put on my outdoor bitty booties.( I'll show you those later).So I took out my new toy and proceeded to fix my booties. I no longer have this yarn on hand so my repairs are visible to the eye,but, only if I have my feet up on the ottoman.

First repair was a little sketchy.That would be the one on the heel.Then I realized if I turn the sock inside out it makes for a better finish.
So, a little time saved me the cost of more yarn to replace my booties, not to mention the time I needed to knit those babies up.
I have to say I felt pretty good about the "hole" thing...............said the hobbit


Geek+Nerd said...

I want one of those darning eggs! I have quite a few socks in my mending pile. My bread experiment turned out okay the other day. Just okay. My loaf is beautiful, but a little bland, it's good to toast. Not shabby for a first try!

Margaret said...

I used to do darn my husbands wool work socks and guess what used? A light bulb....
Your darning job is way better than mine, but I was 20 at the time and always in a hurry!

simplesavvy said...

I can't wait to see the Bitty booties. I need a good pair of winter boots, and would love some suggestions!

GloamingDesigns said...

ok, i thought those handknits that i wore to oblivion last winter were goners but i'm going to take a second look. it may take some imagination though! :) i could evenetually darn it into a whole new sock.

good work!!