Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Easter gift

Hi everyone ,I've been crazy busy lately and neglecting my blog.I'm sorry about that.Easter dinner is at our home and between that, work, and garden planning I just can't seem to put 5 minutes together.Also, we have daylight saving time in these parts.Just when you least expect it someone takes away 60 whole minutes of your sleeping time, and I'm getting too old to adjust as quickly as I use to.Alright enough excuses.I want to tell you a little story.
Once upon a time I bought a beautiful painted egg at Christmas time ,1986 to be exact.I thought it would be a lovely tradition to start with my family and the addition of one every year seemed like a good idea.

Of course I never found the artist again nor did I find anything close in quality. This is all painted by hand. The egg has been blown out and the top decorated so you don't even see the hole.

Well to make a long story short,I was talking to my friend Pam about egg decorating for this year. I mentioned how I like Martha Stewarts eggs and the different shading she had achieved.She sends me this link saying if you like that what do you think of these? I was in shock .The eggs that I had searched for the last 25 years were right there in my computer.Now that's an unexpected present. Thank you Pam you made my day. Pam and her daughter are an extremely talented family. If you are looking for a new craft or browsing for ideas check out daughter Diane's site. Happy Easter to all........................said the hobbit


Geek+Nerd said...

That's awesome mumma! Don't you just love blog friends?!

pam said...

Beautiful treasure! I love how the hole at the top has been sealed with that lovely little bead. And the poinsettia! A Christmas theme Pysanky! How cool is that!

Thank you for sharing this unique little work of art.

And for linking to my blog!