Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nothing could be finer

There's nothing better than hanging with my girls at Tuesday night Stitch & Bitch.There is always lots to talk about and we never run out of ideas to discuss. Our follow through needs a little work but, we are making an effort to improve on that. Soon we are taking a road trip to Webb's.I have never been there,it's a factory with yarn and yarn and more yarn. We are going on April 17 however if I talk about it now I can believe it will happen. If you have made the trip before let me know what you thought, if not, than I'll have lots to tell you when it happens.

I might have mentioned this before,but,if you sew,my friend Cynthia
makes the best seam rippers going. The handle is long,like a pen would be. No stubby little
plastic vial to try to hang on to. I have given these as gifts and after using them the recipient always comments on how great it feels in your hand. Cynthia recently moved from the West coast to the East coast to help her parents deal with illness. She feels like a fish out of water here sometimes but we keep telling her she did the right thing. So head on over to her web-page ,check out her hand crafts and just say hi.

This little scarf is something I've been working on. Isn't it a cutie?Of course I'm thinking it needs an old fashioned button on the cross tie.This pattern is VERY simple and I would encourage my beginners to give this a whirl.

Of course if it isn't quite right you can always use it as a ROSIE THE RIVETER bandanna.Thanks Michelle,your a sport........................said the hobbit

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Margaret said...

It's super cute and I would love to try it. Can you share the pattern?