Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a little bit crazy

You often hear a phrase in New England . If you don't like the weather just wait a minute and it will change.The past few week have proved that to be true.

Going in to work last week,you had trees blown down everywhere.This is the driveway where I do the cooking for the farm .

We only had about an inch of snow but,we had 90 mile an hour winds which left many of my neighbors without power for days. We were the lucky ones this time around. We lost power for 4 hours and we were snug in our beds at that time so we hardly noticed.

I thought that wind might have down damage to my newly planted blueberry bushes. I went out to see if the branches where intact. Of course being just 1 year in the ground and having a bit of snow to protect them they did just fine. Then something caught my eye in the far end of the garden.

Look what was growing!!!A teeny tiny head of broccoli. Last year I struggled with grampy woodchuck,who constantly ate anything that made an attempt to grow on the broccoli stalk. I finally gave up and thought he had eaten anything edible to mankind. I decided to take a picture because I haven't found anyone with a 22 who will actually come and attempt to do grampy in. I have a shotgun in the attic but,I think that's a little too much power for me............said the hobbit


GloamingDesigns said...

oh my gosh! the broccoli!! so cute.

glad you 'whether'ed to storm ok. my parents were out of power for two days! (sorry for the pun) ;)

Margaret said...

Lucky you...I was at the store and broccoli was 2.69 a pound...I just kept walking.

Connie said...

Trees and wind storms do not mix well. Glad that none went through your roof. That bit of broccoli really struggled, so maybe you will have more!