Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Lots of my cooking results from checking out the pantry and deciding that something needs to be made use of before it goes to waste. This weekend bread was on the list.I had been making my own bread for quite some time and then fell into the habit of picking up a loaf from a local baker, but, lately it just hasn't been as tasty as it should. So I looked in my pantry.........found some rye flour and used that as my starting point. I have a huge collections of Martha Stewart Living magazines that I'm not quite ready to part with,because ,after all, I just might need some of her valuable information. Well sure enough January edition 2008 had the perfect recipe for an ARTISINAL MULTIGRAIN BOULE
This recipe is very hands on and instructions are detailed as to how to handle the dough right down to how to flip the dough end over end...........sorry Martha, not willing to use a peel to take the sticky dough off my hands.I used my trusty bucket.You have to do what's right for you.The starter had to be made the night before............
Then the joy of mix and rise and fold like a business envelope and tuck and roll and cuddle and spin !!!! Really , by the time I finished reading the instructions I was already saying......."if I can get this done, it will be the last time I make this bread"

Well as usual Martha knew best. When it was finished I had the most beautiful Boule .......and tasty? Oh my God ...why did I stop making bread.The instructions were for 1 large bread but,after the first rise I split the dough in half and made 2 smaller ones Cooking time was reduced by 20 minutes and now I have extra in my freezer. Believe me, we will be eating every morsel of this bread.
I confess, this recipe was not for the birds .............said the hobbit


Connie said...

This sounds wonderful. Oh my, starting a day early should make the dough extra wonderful. A lot of steps - I am use to easy bread I guess. The ingredients sound delicious so I have copied ... I keep trying to loose weight and have avoided bread for a long time ... am I going to have a break down?

The Hobbit said...

The bread was to die for so if you're in the middle of a diet I don't ant to be the one to send you over the cliff. My daughter started with a cleasing from the magazine living well and since Jan 1 has lost 21.7 lbs