Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Sunday....What's Happening

First a big breakfast of local and homemade. Sun is shining so, who wants to stay in today.

 Can't work in the garden...............It snowed again.

Daughter Sarah is doing a final performance of CHORUS LINE and we will be in attendance.

Should be a great day!!


Jeannette S said...

Your daughter looks like she loves what she does! Breakfast looks very yummy! Today I noticed that we have very little snow left!

The Hobbit said...

Yes, she does love it. I'm guessing you didn't get any snow from this last storm. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next few day that Mr Snow will stay away.

Connie said...

What fun for you to live close enough to enjoy your daughter! She looks very talented!

The Hobbit said...

About a month ago child #2 ,who lived in Michigan is now back in New England. So all four of my children are within an hours drive.Very lucky,very blessed.