Monday, March 4, 2013

Everyone needs a good laugh

This is my trusty coffee bean grinder. Every morning I put the coffee beans in ,plug it into the outlet ,place the cover on and give it a whirl. A slow count to 10 usually gives me just the right grind to brew my morning blend. I've been doing this for more years that I wish to talk about and  this little helper has been there for me at least a quarter of a century. Little did I know that it was about to pull a nasty trick on me.

SURPRISE!!!! A new wake-up call for you, Hobbit. It's the in your face not in your taste . For some reason this stuck me as very funny. I could hardly get the mess picked up I was giggling every time I pictured myself jumping about 2 feet in the air with coffee beans raining down on me.

Despite the new and interesting start to my morning I still managed to make a decent cup of coffee. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I'm hoping for more laughs and less snow.............said the hobbit


Connie said...

I had to laugh! I have one of those. One day my son so proudly told me that he would make his own coffee. He was at least 35 and very capable of doing better than myself - with a little more latte` experience. But for some reason everything went wrong and he spent more time cleaning up the mess than he did enjoying his coffee! The funny thing was that his sister was home as well enjoying the 'masculine proof' that he could do it!

The Hobbit said...

Having 2 sons and 2 daughters I can just see the eye contact that might have gone on between you and your daughter.It's a scene that I can imagine happening in our home.