Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Every Tuesday night my friends and I get together to work on our knitting projects.It really helps us move our projects along. You see, someone will always remember what you've been working on and no one wants to say. "I gave up on that " I am so behind on posting their work that I might be in danger of being kicked out of the club. That isn't the case with Cyndi S.

                                         HERE'S CYNDI BUSY WORKING ON AN APPLIQUE
A difficult pattern never stops her from jumping right in and getting the job done. Of course when her daughter has a special request that is even more incentive to tackle the task.

After the holidays "the daughter" saw this great sweater and Cyndi got right on it . The sleeves have a detailed leaf pattern.
The back was even more intricate highlighting this great square of gorgeous design. The color on this photo is somewhat bleached out by my camera but, I wanted you to see that it is  knit around the body versus waist to neck. The blue line that you see is where she had to insert the sleeves.

It has a kimono type fit and I wish she had put it on so you could see how it would look  but,oh no, she is too shy.........I had to promise to photo shoot this without her face showing..........anyone who has this kind of talent is a beautiful person don't you think?..................said the hobbit.


Connie said...

Yes, I do agree with you that beautiful is not so much about a certain look as it about what a person does. I love inner beauty much more than outer beauty. I do not begrudge a beautiful person their outer beauty, but I know that inner beauty and talent are all the actual work of the person and that it has taken time and effort to create that beauty - making all of that very special.

The Hobbit said...

well said takes awhile to discover this. Lucky are the people who take the time to find such treasures.