Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 Did you make any resolutions this year? Well I made a few ........nothing earthshattering but, little things about me  that need improvement.It's been almost 3 months and I think Im starting to get a handle on some of my commitments.The computer has created a monster list of things I want to bake/make/knit/sew you get my drift?If I would live to be 1000 years old and did something new every week........I still can't imagine that I would finish this to do list.So I decided to try and actually make one new item per week,if possible and delete one that I will probably never get to in a million years.

 So far I feel pretty good about this. I can't even remember some of the recipes I have deleted and I don't feel guilty at all.These however will remain a favorite and frequent treat in the cookie jar.

My family is pretty fond of lemon and the minute I saw these I knew I had to try them at least once.This is one of MARTHA'S  recipes and you can find it HERE I followed the recipe most of the way. She has store bought  lemon curd as a filling  and I just couldn't bring myself to buy that. Come on ,making it is far better than anything you can buy,If you have a double boiler here is your chance to use it. I don't so, I did the bowl in a pan thing. In the bowl place 3 EGGS ,1 CUP OF SUGAR,1/3 CUP LEMON JUICE.  I used meyer lemons . That's one of the reasons I chose to make these. Really who can pass up Meyer's this time of year??OK ,back to the recipe.  With your water boiling wisk the ingredients in your bowl till they start to thicken. This took about 7 minutes for me.Remove from the heat and stir in 3 TABLESPOONS OF BUTTER and 2 TEASPOONS LEMON ZEST(OPTIONAL) into your curd.It's best if you cut the butter into smaller pieces.Cool and refridgerate for up to 3 weeks. Let me know if yours last that long.

Seems things disappear when you're not looking. Does that happen in your house?........asked the hobbit


Jeannette S said...

They look delicious! Oh yeah! We love lemon here too!

The Hobbit said...

Wish I could grow lemons......It's way down on the things to do list.It will have to remain as one of those things I buy along with coffee. I think I just heard Juan Valdez breath a sigh of relief LOL

Connie said...

At first I thought you were doing eggs a new way. I have head of baking eggs in an oven, but not cracked open on the racks!

Well, these certainly look delicious - we love lemon stuff. The cookies would be disappearing off my rack as well, but I would know who was doing it. ME

The Hobbit said...

I can not tell a lie.......I ate the cookie.