Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just catching up!!The Holiday's

Ok , making the slow comeback, so you will have to bear with me while I post old news.

 See these two young ladies? They are all about the Holidays.They are all about the holidays.

So, I have to start at Thanksgiving.Things were still a little hectic around here and Thanksgiving day was spent in a restaurant.However, Renee,on the left, made sure  we all got together for a Day After Thanksgiving Day . Seems it is known as the DATD party.

New to the family gathering was Harper and she spread joy and giggles all around.Can't beat that.
Of course Renee's boys wanted to share in the love,so, they gave grampy lots of attention.A good time was had by all and we are off and running with the season.Soon to come ........getting ready for Christmas. I know .........only a few days left.............I promise to catch up on my news as quickly as possible. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks........said the Hobbit

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