Thursday, December 19, 2013

Moving right along to Christmas

 As you know .....daughter #1 took the first shift in holiday prep.......Part deux as we like to say, belongs to Sarah.
With Thanksgiving behind us, she quickly got her tree up and decorated as was ready for her annual Christmas card writing party.
We gathered our cards and stamps and quickly got to the task of writing those little notes to friends and family that we miss and haven't seen as often as we would like.Her party gives us just the right push we all need to get the job done.

Her wall was marked with the mantra of the day..........We shouldn't take things too seriously.

A table had been set to make it all seem like a fun time. She managed to find this coffee urn that reminded everyone of the good old days when time were less hectic. Isn't it a beauty?

When all was done there was time for chatting and tales of the wonderful events that had come to pass in 2013.......Then off we went to get a little Christmas shopping done and of course, get those cards and notes off to the post office. At least that was the plan,as soon as we had one more serving of that delicious breakfast casserole she had prepared.............said the Hobbit

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