Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here we go again!

Yes mam,It's that time of year again. Tie up loose ends, finish projects, cancel projects and start with a clean slate. Thank God for January 1st. I love being able to put things behind me and this is by far the most acceptable excuse.

Thank you to good friends for a new superwash sock yarn 40% wool45%cotton and 15% nylon from Plymouth yarn I can't wait to try this. That means new socks for me me me. A lovely Christmas cactus for my green thumb. I hope to keep it going however, Bitty ate every bloom that was on it. Looks like it will have to go on the piano where I keep things that Bitty shouldn't get at.
Our annual ornament swap brought new treasures for my tree. I enjoy getting these since I like to make my ornaments in January when there is no pressure and new ideas are floating around in my head. Don't get too excited about my organizational skills. I like and it happens don't always go hand in hand in my world.Chealsea in Florida sent the flamingo,Alpha the shimmering seashell from N.C. and from Tenn. my little jointed Christmas tree.
A garland styled kite from Texas was too cute as was this felted dove from a New Jersey housewife
A cranberry stitched ornament from Massachusetts brighten my holiday but,I have to say when the snowflake and the canada dry star arrived I had to say "wow"! You see these 2 ladies are friends and I believe co-workers here This is the first time I had someone make a recycled box with with tab closure and all. I just might have to start drinking soda again.

And talk about a useful ornament. This honey lavender soap has a luftah scrubby in it. When it's served its purpose as an ornament bring it right in the shower with you. Very clever Meryl.................said the hobbit

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