Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tuesday night S&B

New year hasn't stopped the girls from getting together on Tuesday night.They seem very serious here don't they? Everyone said "don't take my picture while I'm eating " but, that's a big part of our get-together. We've decided to do some giving projects this year and the details are still being worked out. Perhaps you can join it. But,I can't tell you about it until I have all the details worked out.

Alright that's better,nothing like smiling faces to make my day. Here are 2 of my girls ready to show you their stuff.C #3 on the left and Sox queen on the right.

I wanted to show you what C3 does with her leftovers.
How's that for a colorful throw.Not sure where she got the idea but it sure looks like a fun project.
We all oohed and ahhed when she whipped these 3 hats for her daughter and her 2 best friends. They are seniors this year and she wanted to give them something that was the same but, different. What I was unable to show on the inside were the girls names. C3 Such a clever lady.

Sox queen had to make an 8 hour drive to visit family this week and came back with 3 and 1/2 socks all good to go. It's a heavier sock,much needed for our New England weather,but, the shading of soft pink and grey with off white tells me her hubby won't be trying these on any time soon. Hope to be back real soon so we can talk about that special project. Off to get all my ducks in a row ......................said the hobbit

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