Monday, January 31, 2011

January goals!!

Out of time again!! What happened here? I made my list for January and it's now February 1st. Did I get everything done? No. But not to worry I'm happy with the way the month turned out just the same. I made these fingerless gloves and managed to have several request for the holidays.Once Christmas was over I was surprised to have several more people looking for them,so, I wanted to get at least 3 pairs done this month and I did.

The pair above is from last year and the 2 below are new for 2011. Where's the other pair? Sold and delivered.
Then there's the Christmas garland I wanted to make in January. I went through several sessions of "I could do this or maybe that" You know how that is.

I think I got a good idea of what I want to do now and have started the project. It's on the top of the list for February.............honest. I got Jiggy started on his diet,finished the little sweaters and made that Christmas card list. Still working on a new ornament,nothing ready to show anyone yet. Of course,don't forget about the barn raising quilt I'll be talking more about that later.
Well today is coming to an end and I don't have my list done for February.How about you.Did you make a list? How do you motivate yourself to get things done?I'm feeling like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. I'm late,I'm late........................said the hobbit


Margaret said...

I finished my rolled brim beanie that I did in my knitting class, I wanted to learn how to use circular needles, and now I'm making fingerless gloves to match using double pointed needles for the first time. I'm very excited.

The Hobbit said...

You are off and running!! Can't wait to see what you do next.

Jeannette said...

O your knitting is gorgeous! Wow!!

The Hobbit said...

Thank you Jeannette, I do love to knit.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect time to read this post - just as i was about to sit down and do a review of what got done in January! Like you, not nearly as much as was on the list - that is for sure!

But aren't those lists easier to make with a whole clean calendar sitting in front of us - nothing filled in yet.

But I have come to believe that those ambitious lists have a very valuable place in our lives because we still get more done by not completing them than we would if we never made them!

Your fingerless gloves are GORGEOUS!

The Hobbit said...

I'm with you on the list making Pam.I know when I'm writing my "to do" that I might not get to all of it,but, I love trying. Great to have you stop by