Monday, January 31, 2011

what are we eating

Like many people,we started the new year with weight lost as one of our plans for January.

Salads of course,should be included in everyones daily intake. Not as easy as it sounds.There is something about a cold salad in the winter that just isn't very tempting. However the commitment was made so that Jiggy could reach his desired goal of ***lbs. He still won't let me put it in writing......silly boy.What to do to make it more tasty?
At Christmas I made this raspberry vinegar as a gift and had a few spoonfuls leftover. Of course I couldn't throw it away.Then the light bulb went on and I thought "why not use it as a dressing for the salad?"His favorites are blue cheese, thousand island and anything else creamy and rich that would be a no-no.So,without saying a word I sprinkled about 2 teaspoons all over the salad and gave it to him. "Oh my God.What did you put on this salad?It taste like fresh raspberries!"Ah, a winner!! I could sprinkle this on without worrying about adding tons of calories to the salad.But, I was out of raspberries and the vinegar took 3 weeks to make!!! I did have blueberries however so I put a cup of berries in a quart ball jar added the 1 and1/2 cups white vinegar and 1/2 cup superfine sugar. Instructions are to shake at will for 3 weeks and it will be ready to strain and use. After a week I took a little taste and it was nasty.I continued to follow the simple directions and shook the jar whenever I walked past it and did not taste again till the 3 weeks were up.

Look at this gorgeous cruet of blueberry vinegar. And the taste is fabulous!! As with everything in life, patience is an important part of the process. Good things come to those who wait.Whoever said that was right.

I'm still making my bread every week. A slice of this with the salad and a cup of soup fits the bill for a perfect lunch. Hubby is at the 30lbs lost level so I think we are doing something right. I think we'll stay on this course for a bit longer. Now that I'm thinking of the garden,maybe a section on salad is in order. Do you have the garden bug yet? I bet you do.........said the hobbit


Margaret said...

I didn't realize how easy it is to make fruit vinegar, I will give it a go. Your bread looks super I miss baking my own bread but there is just not enough time. I'm just getting my seeds in order and I have lots of different lettuces, can't wait go get planting. Knitting is going ok but I'm the only much for my stich and bitch...

The Hobbit said...

Yes Margaret it is that easy.Don't give up on the stitch and bitch.We talked about it for about 2 years before actually agreeing on a meeting