Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The story of the shrinking hubby

Well as you all heard Jiggy got a new knee for Christmas and now he has no excuse to shed those extra pounds that he blamed on his inability to exercise.

He is feeling much better and already hard at work doing his thing. We brought all his tools and gizmos downstairs to the main hallway so he could get his groove back. No slacking in this house.
In order to help him along I am putting his progress in black and white as they say so that he knows someone is watching.
We are taking a year to accomplish this feat. No crash dieting here. It's a whole new learning curve for him and baby steps will work best. That was his usual soup bowl on the left. More of a vegetable bowl but,that 's what he had evolved to. Soup dish on the right is what we are now using. Probably a saving of about 2 1/2 cup of soup. That and half a sandwich of chicken salad on my homemade bread is what lunch consist of.

These are my favorites.Aren't they cute. Tiny little casseroles that hold just the right amount of meat or vegetables for someone who is trying to cut down.I've been cooking ahead and just re-heating in them. I put them next to an 8 ounce cup so that you could see they size. Surgery was Dec. 15th and he has been under my watchful eye,but, as with most men he is losing quickly. We don't have an official weigh in yet but,the pants are falling off and he thinks it's time to shop. The real test will be when he is free to roam in his vehicle with his buddies. Lunch meetings with his clients to discuss upcoming cases is a common excuse. For now I have to say "the man" is doing a great job of doing the right thing.

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