Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What direction to take?

By now most of you have decided which direction to take for 2011. Not so easy here. This past month has been filled with new schedules,Dr.'s appointments and trying to keep things as normal as possible.I tried to keep the list small and doable so I don't get too upset if I slip between the cracks,so bear with me. What I usually needed a morning to do now takes the better part of a week.

My first goal was to update my Christmas card list,and, I got it done. I have never made an effort to send out cards, thinking it a waste of time and money but in the past few years it suddenly became clear that making the effort to let people you care about know that they are in your thoughts at this most important time of the year. Not wanting to leave anyone out I carried a box of envelopes with addresses' that I always meant to write down in a book so that I could finally get rid of that excess paper. So after 3 years of checking and double checking I finally sorted the whole mess and have a beautiful Christmas card list to work from next year. Who knows maybe I'll even try my hand at making cards this year. Goal #2 is to make a garland from the old cards.I've seen several of these and I'm hoping to get one done in the month of January.

Now for the gross stuff. This is the back of Jiggy's new knee. Talk about black and blue. He's coming along very well and has a whole new attitude about what he's doing and how he wants to get there. I'm a big part of his plan so, our big goal this year is to help him lose ***lb You see he has done less and less in the way of exercises in the past 12 years because he constantly put off having this surgery done.

Here is the front .Not so bad,right? So my little goals will have to take a back seat because this weight lose is top priority. He's got the right attitude and even though it's a lot of weight I think he can make it. We're going to take it one day at a time with Christmas 2011 being his deadline to lose about 2 lbs a week.His Doctor told him he's eating nothing wrong just too much so first thing on the list is to cut the portions in 1/2. I'll keep you posted as to his progress.
But fear not I have 2 crafty daughters who will make sure I get my share of cooking and crafting.Want to see what they're up to? This is my Christmas addict She thinks Christmas all year long and has lots of plans for us crafters this year. Maybe you'd like to join in the fun?Can't think about the holidays yet ? Head on over to #1 daughter blog and see how she makes coming home to make supper a little less stressful. Well enough news for now,I've got to get to work on that garland.............................said the hobbit


Margaret said...

It's all about portion control. I eat great food to but way to much of it. It's a daily battle. The evenings are by far my "bad time" I start picking at this and that and by the time I'm done I've eaten two dinners....good luck to you both, it will be tough but so worth the effort.

The Hobbit said...

Thanks for the support Margaret!I know it will be a long road but,talking about it out loud ,I think, will make it more doable.