Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's all about the berries

One of our local farms, Brookford, is making a real effort to educate and supply the locals with products that your grandmother had on hand. I'm trying very hard to maintain a local circle that will keep my needs available within a 100 mile radius. I often make buttermilk biscuits and Mary at the farm informed me that kefir was an acceptable replacement for the buttermilk.

Although I had no doubt she knew what she was talking about it took me several weeks to let go of the notion that buttermilk biscuits absolutely had to have buttermilk in them. I'm stubborn that way.

But, it's strawberry season and of course I needed biscuits so I broke down and tried the kefir

I wasn't disappointed.........look at these babies. Aren't they just adorable? Of course we tried them with the berries and french vanilla ice cream,but, I forgot to take a picture........take my word for it so...................good. I really want to try Martha's STRAWBERRY BREAD I had it on the list for last year and got so busy with jams that I totally forgot. Then came blueberry season and raspberry then cherry and peach. I guess the bread took a back seat. This year it's at the top of the list. What are you doing with berries? How about kefir? Have you got a new way for me to make use of my local product?......................said the hobbit


Connie said...

I have never heard of kefir, but these biscuits look delis!

The Hobbit said...

Kefir is fermented milk and is done using a starter of grain. It makes me think of a sour dough starter but, in the milk category