Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday night S&B

The girls are having a little fun this week! Check out the photo on the left. Some little toddler somewhere is sporting this monster bottom. Cindi S. found it so amusing that she decided to make a mini version to put on a friends bulletin board. So. she took out her graft paper and made a pattern from the picture.

Michelle my belle was busy knitting up a new square for the QUILT It's getting very close to having enough squares.

I'll be showing you the pattern of color pretty soon.
By the time our get-together was done, Cindi had completed her little project and even put a pull tie on the waist band. Have you done anything just for the fun of it?......................said the hobbit


Margaret said...

Those are so cute!

The Hobbit said...

I know! I wish I had a little one that I could make this for.I picture them on a little hockey player on the ice for the first time.