Monday, June 6, 2011

Tuesday night S&B

We are still going strong with our knitting group. Lot's of laughs and lots of knitting.

Occasionally we are joined by Aaron. We met him when he worked the fields at the Barn He always makes sure to keep in touch and shows up with a new creation and story to keep us up to date with what's happening in his world. Here he is hamming it up with his sweatband decorated with knitting needles. Or was he deciding which

of the many socks the girls have made lately. The" sock queen" has been on the road lately caring for aging family members and whipped up enough socks to keep her whole families feet toasty warm. No she wasn't driving and knitting. Hubby was behind the wheel and she used her time to knit.

Cindy S. made this hat by knitting a plain cap and joining a decorative band. She makes it look sooo easy.

Cindy H. finished her first pair of socks. Original pattern was for a plain leg but her creative side got the best of her and she did the math to add cables. These were to be a gift but, she is rethinking that. I vote for her to keep them, after all, It's her first pair. She should be able to look at them with a great sense of accomplishment every time she puts them on. Don't you think? If you're looking for some new inspiration or want to visit new blogs go here Not only can you post your latest creation but, this girl can give you more crafty uses for items found in your local hardware store than days in a year. Every Sunday she has a craft party and you are welcome to join in. Not sure you know how? Don't worry she gives you step by step instructions that are no fail.
Here is our youngest member of the group. Isn't she just a little love bug? She and Mom Marie don't knit yet. She eats a mean cheese sandwich and mom is kept busy picking up the pieces. There is always something to smile about when they come.........said the hobbit


Anonymous said...

That baby is getting so big! Everything looks great. I miss the group. :)

The Hobbit said...

She is growing by leaps and bounds as they say............we miss you too!