Monday, June 20, 2011

POPCORN....How do you eat it?

Popcorn is pretty much a staple in our household. Whether we are watching a movie or cheering on our favorite team, a bowl of popcorn is always a welcomed treat. We always have your basic melted butter and salt version,and, I always think "next time I want to try something different". Of course, I don't. I melt the butter and start the popcorn and think........... maybe next time.

So I checked out MARTHA STEWART "she who knows all" and found a recipe for caramel almond popcorn click here You see when I was little my father and mother would make these amazing popcorn balls. I would watch them squeeze and form these perfect round popcorn delights and so I longed to make an equally tasty treat.
So I brought all the ingredients to the said proper temperature.

Poured this over my mix of popcorn and slivered almonds and got ready to mix and form. It didn't take more than 1/2 a second to realize this could be a very dangerous thing to attempt.

You guessed it. I got a nasty blister from the sugar mix.....................dah!!!! What was I thinking? The popcorn was great but, this particular recipe was just too thick for what I had in mind. My quest will continue. What do you do with popcorn?...............said the hobbit


Margaret said...

I love candy corn but ouch!!!! 99 times of 100 I pop it stove top, in oil and add lots of butter and salt. YUM!

The Hobbit said...

Me too! But, then I get this urge to do something different and ........Well, you know how that is.

Connie said...

I come from a family which had popcorn once a week for an evening meal. We loved it and now my family gets excited when the popper comes out - always with butter and salt.

The big treat is caramel corn using a similar boiled brown sugar, soda and butter mix; poured over the popcorn then baked in the oven. The baking gives it some crunch! Nuts can be added as desired - wonderful. I have always used a large spoon to stir with, and seeing your burns look way too painful.

The Hobbit said...

I know Connie I should have know better.

Sara said...

Yummy popcorn combo!

tink's mom said...

When we are looking for something just a little different to do with pop corn we use butter and GARLIC salt. Yum.