Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day dreaming

Our weather in New England has been pretty nasty for the past 10 days.Nothing like the mid-west but, enough to keep us in the kitchen by a warm oven or bundled up on the couch with our knitting. 

It doen't take much to give me cabin fever and my husband and I took a little drive on the back roads of our neighborhood to see how everyone else was managing.
About 15 miles from our home we saw these horses out for the afternoon just enjoying the day.I think this one was happy to see someone drop by.

I guess we interrupted lunch and this fellow had no intention of being social. He never did raise so much as an eyebrow to see who was watching him.Someday I plan on taking a few lessons and and enjoy the thrill of being up on one of these mighty steeds. Maybe this will be the year?

Looks like my grand daughter is dreaming the same thing. I can hear her now saying "Jayne ......when you grow up ,I'm going to ride you into the wind"
                           Can't wait to see that..................said the hobbit

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