Friday, January 31, 2014

Tuesday night with the girls

How we love getting together on Tuesday night. So many things to catch up on. This particular evening a surprise visit from Donna (in red) was very exciting to us.
We loved having her come by.Wish she could make it every Tuesday. The Holidays without her beloved George were hard but, her family brought her to Florida to spend a few carefree days. Now she is back with us and we are bound and determined to get her to knit her first pair of socks.

There are always magazines to check out and Betty (to the right of Donna) dropped her knitting to write one down from the latest MARYJANE FARMS magazine.She is writing on a journal that she made for each and every one of us.Pages to write wish knits and recipes and to-do list A calendar to mark Fiber Fest Fairs. A page containing our birthdays, e mail and phone# so we can always be in touch........she is so sweet.

Deb was working hard on a new pair of socks.Seems she treated herself to a "Book of Socks" for Christmas and after thumbing through the book......

She  was sure that she was only going to be able to understand one of the patterns.

So she quickly got started on that pair and I'm pretty sure that she'll find another and another that she can handle............That's what I call my "baby steps" theory..................Said the Hobbit

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