Monday, January 13, 2014

WHAT'S IN THE PANTRY , can save you money

My hubby and I are playing a money saving game,that will give us more than we need for our Christmas shopping. He's not much of a saver but, got real excited about THIS post. Of course.....he's a guy and immediately thought we should make this a competition.So, not having a real income but, having a functioning household budget I have to be a little more creative with my savings.My first thought was to check the pantry and the freezer and see what I can come up with that would keep my from spending my grocery money and having a little extra to tuck away in the fund.This is only week 2 but, he has managed to put away $2 more than I.............Hmmmmmm patience little grasshopper.

My son attended a Christmas party and rescued the turkey carcass. His host was too tired to properly clean and rescue any remaining meat. My son knew I could handle this project and told his host to pop it in a plastic bag and I would be happy to dispose of it for him. My children are well trained to put enormous guilt on their friends when it comes to wasting food,and then offering them my help.After boiling down the carcass for broth I had 4 containers of turkey meat. Also in the freezer was a small bag of homemade cheese tortellini . Can you feel a plan coming together yet?

In the fridge I found carrot onion and celery which I sauteed in a little bacon fat.Once the veggies where tender I put in the turkey chunks and the broth..........took it to a simmer and let it blend for 1/2 hour.

Checked the fridge for a little color and found baby spinach that I added along with the tortellini and thyme for added flavor.

when all was simmered to perfection :-) I had enough for 4 servings.  

Topped with homemade croutons and my husband was most impressed.No,I missed the photo with the croutons you can stop looking for them.Of course, you can do this with any leftovers. I've even simmered a beef bone,added ramen noodles and pea pods with a little onion and bok choy  .Do you make leftover soup? What's your favorite?Well, I have no intention of losing this contest so hubby better not look in the mirror he just might see ........ the hobbit.

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